4th Workshop of the Ethics of Debt Network

Venue: Campus Brussels, University of Maastricht

Date: 14-15 July 2022

The Ethics of Debt Network brings together researchers from various disciplines working on the ethics of debt, money, and finance, broadly construed. We welcome contributions from any discipline and methodological perspective shedding light on normative questions related to household, commercial, and sovereign debt. We welcome both empirical studies raising normative questions, and normative studies engaging with empirical literature. We equally appreciate both ethical perspectives focusing on what particular actors in the credit system ought to do as well as perspectives from political philosophy analyzing/critiquing the principles, discourses and/or institutions concerning debt, money and finance.

The goal of the workshop is to give participants high-quality feedback on work-in-progress. We will have ample opportunity to reflect on shared research challenges and discuss cross-cutting themes. Paper drafts will be read by participants before the event to allow for in-depth discussions during the event. We are looking for papers at an early stage of development, ready for constructive feedback from a friendly, specialist audience.

All participants are expected to read the work-in-progress papers in advance of the workshop. Speakers will set the stage for the discussion, but will not recap the content of the paper.

If you would like to present or attend, please complete our registration FORM. In the form, indicate that you would like to present and paste your abstract of up to 500 words until 4 April 2022. We will inform you shortly thereafter if your abstract has been accepted.

If you have any questions, please send us a message to ethicsofdebt@gmail.com.

Limited funds are available to cover travel and accommodation costs of speakers.

This workshop is funded by the York Maastricht Partnership Investment Fund.

Aleksander Masternak, Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, McGill University, aleksander.masternak@mail.mcgill.ca

Janosch Prinz, Assistant Professor in Social and Political Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Maastricht University, j.prinz@maastrichtuniversity.nl

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