The main aim of this website is to bring together researchers interested in the intersections of and interactions between finance and philosophy, broadly construed, including but not restricted to financial ethics, financial economics, history of economic thought, philosophy of economics, political philosophy, anthropology and sociology of finance. It offers room to post information about relevant upcoming events, workshops, conferences, job openings; to post announcements of recent publications and/or work in progress; to launch new debates and start asking new research questions; to publish op-ed pieces, abstracts, thoughts, suggestions, comments provoked by recent financial news or academic publications; and anything else that suits an academic blog, as long as obvious rules of etiquette are observed. The site favours a minimum intervention policy, but we, Boudewijn de Bruin and Joakim Sandberg, reserve the right to remove postings at any time.

Email: contact [at] financeandphilosophy.org



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