CFP: Conference on Intersections of Finance and Society

The conference “Intersections of finance and society 2017” will be organized 2-3 November 2017 at City University London, UK. Organised in association with the Finance and Society Network at the University of Sydney and the City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC) at City University London.

In the wake of the global financial crisis, the various political responses it has triggered, and the emergence of new forms of fiscal and monetary policy, the need for a more sophisticated encounter between economic theory and the social sciences has become pressing. The growth of new forms of money and finance is increasingly recognised as one of the defining developments of our time, and it is beginning to yield innovative research across the humanities and social sciences.

Following on from the success of our inaugural conference last year, this two-day event aims to foster the further development of dialogue between the diverse camps that make up the new field of ‘finance and society’ studies. In particular, it seeks to identify new synergies between heterodox political economy and various sociological, historical, and philosophical perspectives on the intersections of finance and society.

Confirmed keynotes: Melinda Cooper (University of Sydney), ‘Anti-austerity on the far right’ and Joseph Vogl (Humboldt University of Berlin), ‘The ascendancy of finance’

Submissions are invited in two formats:Papers; abstract of up to 300 words, Panels; panel proposal plus paper abstracts

Themes on which we encourage submissions include: Engaging orthodox economics and finance theory,Finance and social theory,Heterodox economics and finance theory,Gendered finance,Derivative and structured finance,Central banking and shadow banking,Financial crises, past and present,Historicity and futurity,Gifts and debts,Money and desire,Theology and finance,Finance and social reproduction,Finance and neoliberalism,New perspectives on financialisation,Financial regulation and state activism,Financial markets and the digital economy,The politics of fintech,Financial utopias and dystopias,Money, financial markets, and psychoanalysis,Popular cultures of finance,Financialisation and contemporary art

Please submit abstracts and proposals by 1 August 2017 to Martijn Konings and Amin Samman at the following address:

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