Conference: Banking On the Future

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), a special event around Responsible Banking and Finance in the next 100 years will take place on the 30th October 2017. The purpose of this event is to develop an engaged dialogue with stakeholders from the banking and finance industry and to challenge the current attitude towards banking and its future. The hope is that this dialogue will ignite new ideas and develop an agenda for future research and teaching in business schools towards 2117.

With CBS being regularly ranked as a global leader in terms responsible management education, we believe this event compliments CBS´ ambitions and allows the university to be at the forefront of setting the agenda for responsible banking and how we approach teaching and research on the topic, in the future.

Agenda and speakers

The expected outcome is to develop a close cooperation with practitioners and academics and shake up the image of banking and financial institutions for the next 100 years.

During the day, lectures i

n different areas within responsible banking will be possible to attend. Three tracks will be set up with different speakers and subjects of matter

–          Track I: Banking and The society

–          Track II: Responsible Banking as a business model

–          Track III: Responsible Banking at an Individual level

Speakers and professors will give their take on responsible banking with individual perspectives. Among others, speakers from Finansforbundet, Copenhagen FinTech, Handelsbanken and Finans Danmark will attend the event. Views and opinions will be shared within finance in the next 100 years with subtitles such as the following:

–          “The welfare implications of the growth of the financial sector”

–          “Banking – a religious perspective”

–          “Entrepreneurial focus within finance”

–          “Women in banking”

–          “What is responsible banking seen from the regulators perspective?”

–          “Sustainable banking seen from a market leader perspective”

More info can be found at:

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