New research program in financial ethics at University of Gothenburg

Joakim Sandberg, Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Gothenburg, has been selected as Wallenberg Academy Fellow by the Royal Academy of Sciences in Sweden. The fellowship is designed to give stable financial support to the most promising young researchers of all academic disciplines. Sandberg will receive five years of full research funding plus a hefty research budget that is supposed to cover junior associates, workshops and travels. So be on the look out for new junior positions at Gothenburg in the near future!

Sandberg’s research program is called “The Philosophy of Responsible Finance” and deals with foundational issues in financial ethics. The aim is to develop a theory of the division of labor in society which stakes out a more sustainable role for financial agents and markets. The program will also evaluate some of the currently proposed measures for making the financial system more socially responsible. These include changing the bonus system for financial executives, legislation on robotic trade in securities, and a global tax on financial transactions.

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